Who’s body where – bodies in cyberspace

This blog stems from part of an article I wrote for the Transactional Analysis Magazine (2020), please see my blog Working at a Distance for the full article.

Since Covid 19, therapy and counselling practices have fundamentally changed. ¬†Practices are now online or at a distance via technology. One concern many face-to-face practitioners have expressed in this change is “how do you work online without the body of the other?”

I think of working at a distance as a continuum of technology usage in association with the physical body and actual time. The continuum starts with webcam, then moves to the phone, then IM and lastly email. I think of it in this order as to me it corresponds to how much of the physical body of each other do we have present together in real time? With webcam I have part physical bodies together at the same time (synchronously) a reduction with the phone even less with IM and finally email, where the physical body of the other is absent and at a different time to me (asynchronously). For me, the physical body is present in one shape or form even if our presence together is at a distance.

to be continued…


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