Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which can help people with emotional, social or mental health issues. Some people come to therapy because they are struggling with issues from their past which are holding them back from living a happy and satisfying life in the present.  Others come for more present day reasons, there are no “wrong” reasons to come to therapy. Common issues  I have worked with include-

  • Sadness and unhappiness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Self esteem/confidence
  • Stressed or anxious
  • Childhood issues
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Sexuality and other identity issues
  • Work place stress and difficulties
  • Lack of motivation
  • Loss of someone or something important
  • Dissatisfaction and disappointment
  • Body image/issues with food
  • Just not feeling “right”

Therapy is a confidential space which provides you with the opportunity to talk with a trained professional about issues affecting you that you would perhaps feel uncomfortable discussing with your family or friends.  It is a place where you can consider, understand and gain knowledge and deeper insight about what troubles you.  In privacy and with support, you can explore and develop new coping strategies which can positively affect how you think and feel about your life and your relationships.  You can explore the life you want you live and the relationships you want to have. Sometimes you can feel worse before your feel better, this is quite common and a natural part of the process of therapy.

Therapy can be anything from a few weeks to a number of years engagement and commitment.  You decide which is best for you at this time.  You can always come back as a later stage and carry on.

I am a member of various professional organisations, UKCP, ukata, ITAA, IARTA and keep up to date with current practice through attending regular Continual Professional Development.