Working at a Distance – Transactional Analyst Magazine Article

In April of this year I was asked to write an article for the Transactional Analyst Magazine.  Here is it!  I will be writing more about working at a distance in other posts using material from this original article.  Enjoy reading and comments most welcomed Working at a distance

Who’s body where – bodies in cyberspace

This blog stems from part of an article I wrote for the Transactional Analysis Magazine (2020), please see my blog Working at a Distance for the full article. Since Covid 19, therapy and counselling practices have fundamentally changed.  Practices are now online or at a distance via technology. One concern many face-to-face practitioners have expressed Continue reading »

Therapist Working Online or Online Therapist? What’s in a Title?

Recently I watched an Online Event webcast entitled “Online Psychotherapists in the Context of COVID 19 – Critical and Cultural Perspectives”.  It was fascinating as I watched three highly experienced practitioners in their respective fields grapple with the changing therapy space brought about due to the global pandemic. The level of practitioner experience ranged from Continue reading »